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Rise Bar at Area 15 Construction Update

You know we’ll always keep you in the loop about new Las Vegas erections, so here’s the latest from Rise at Area 15.

Construction of the bar-slash-attraction is moving along at a brisk pace.

Shout-out to DNA.

The structure is now so tall, it can be seen from the I-15 freeway.

Guests and their cocktails will sit in 16-person gondolas, rise 131 feet in the air and enjoy some sweet views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Rise is built by Aerophile, a company specializing in tethered balloon structures.

Are you up for this?

Area 15 is a quirky mall a minute or two from The Strip, and has a collection of oddball,  interactive tenants.

Here’s more about Rise bar and ride at Area 15, and we’ll keep an eye on this new attraction as it makes its way toward the heavens.

Tickets will be $18 for adults and $12 for kids. Note: These prices are not adjusted for inflation.

We’ll wait.

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